Changing case of T-SQL Keywords


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Bert likes his T-SQL keywords in UPPERCASE, Ernie likes his in lowercase which causes some internal struggle as it is actually one person "Mr Bert Ernie" anyway I digress, whether you are working by yourself or in a team you sometimes want to change the case of all the keywords in some code.

If you are using SSDT you can use my new SSDT-DevPack tool to do it for you:

If you grab the devpac, any T-SQL keywords in the active document will be made UPPERCASE when you do "tools->SSDT Dev Pack-->Upper Case Keywords" and I will leave it up to your imagination as to what happens when you do "tools->SSDT Dev Pack-->Lower Case Keywords".

As always, you can map these to keyboard shortcuts, I use Ctrl+K,L for lowercase and ctrl+k,u for UPPERCASE.

Any problems please shout, grab the installer from:

Enjoy :)


It works great.

Great :)


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